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In addition to the animes adapted from Shirow's manga, he has also done work on character and mecha designs in a couple of other anime, namely Gundress and Landlock, both created by ORCA. Unfortunatley these aren't shining examples of anime by any means, fortunately the only attachment Shirow has to these is the aforementioned character and mecha design, though they still like parading his name about when discussing these OVAs to try and make them look better.


This sucker's so bad, I made a page just for it.


Landlock, as mentioned before, was also done by ORCA, and given my experience with Gundress, I'm rather hesitant to go and pick this title up, and as such, my info on it is rather limited. According to Shirow himself, the only work he even did for it was the cover illustrations for the two VHS tapes that this OVA was released on and a monster design for a creature appearing in the show.

Landlock Vol 1 Cover Landlock Vol 2 Cover Monster Illustration 1 Monster Illustration 2 Monster Illustration 3 Monster Illustration 4

Source - Intron Depot 2

Bounty Dog

About all the information I have on this comes from a tidbit that was printed in Super Manga Blast!, along with the sketchwork-

Masamune Shirow created these sketches and notes when he was asked to help design the mecha for Bounty Dog, a two-volume Original Video Animation marketed by Toho in 1994. This was only a request for ideas, so some of the designs differ from those in the final video, and some do not appear at all. On the other hand, they are rendered much more freely and playfully than would often be the case with design sketches. (Text: Seishinsha Editorial Division)

The sketches shown below are just a few of them from Dark Horse's printing of Appleseed Hypernotes. There are approximately 15 pages of sketches pertaining to Bounty Dog in Hypernotes and I have not seen or heard of any other related illustrations existing in published form. I have seen the OAV availible on Ebay, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.

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