New Dominion Tank Police

That's right, more destruction equals more paperwork for poor BrentenThe Tank Police are back in a 6-part OVA full of the rampant destruction in the name of Justice. However, unlike its counterpart Dominion Tank Police, things are a bit more serious, as the city faces attacks on all fronts by corporate terrorists desperate to stop the Mayor's plan to ban the private manufacture of firearms. Of course, there's still a large number of comedic moments present in the show, but it isn't nearly as exaggerated as either of the original mangas or OAV. As mentioned, problems with ongoing terrorism is the name of the game, with a murder every 30 seconds and a terrorist attack every 25 minutes in Newport City. And that's with the Tank Police running around doing their jobs and Buaku missing throughout the show. That's right, no Buaku. He's off in space with Crolis after the events of the first OAV, but with a slight change. It seems like they decided to leave both sisters on Earth and running rampant, rather than split up and having Unipuma join up with the Tank Police as in Dominion: Conflict, makes it more interesting that way I guess.

Act I - Launch Tank Police

The mysterious fake FuchikomaWhat would the Tank Police be without a destructive opening sequence? That's right, not Dominion, and so we start out here with Leona chasing down a criminal right through the middle of a funeral march for a public official, interrupting it and levelling a restaurant in the process of catching a drug runner. After getting chewed out by the Chief and Mayor, Leona returns the favor with righteous indignation about the state of crime in the city. After their spat, the Mayor and Chief introduce our squad to Detective Higashinada, a pilot from one of the other Tank Divisions, whom headquarters has sent in to review and report on the activities of our Squad and their unusually destructive habits. Ignoring the Chief's one patrol per day order, Brenten sends the team out to stop a heavy terrorist incident in progress, but arrive to find both the police and the terrorists wiped out and now have to face down a highly mobile and heavily armed spider-like tank(very obviously a design borrowed from Ghost in the Shell's Fuchikomas), shifting the focus of the episode to trying to take out this mystery opponent.

Act II - Charles Brenten, Master Detective

Tracking down the killer, help is closer than Leona thinksThe second part sees our heroine Leona Ozaki taking leave from the force and going undercover to investigate the murder of a friend from her days as a biker cop. Of course, it turns out to be part of a much larger conspiracy, seemingly centered around the Dainippon Giken corporation, manufacturer of some pretty high-end weaponry. Along the way we also spend some time with the Puma twins(who seem to be on their own these days) throughout the episode, first witnessing the murder at the start of the episode, getting run down by Leona, and ultimately keeping an eye on her when Leona runs into the man they saw murdering Leona's friend. They do a better job of it than Brenten at any rate, as the Chief has sent him to covertly tail Leona, despite protesting that he is no good with the subtle stuff. Just about as soon as Leona arrives at Dainippon, she is offered part time work as a delivery biker, but that she has to accompany the gentleman that offered this(who spotted her and knew she was with the police) to her to his office to complete her training, and leads her away to a construction site. Of course, nefarious schemes begin to reveal themselves, but at the same time disappear again from the eyes of the police.

Act III - Limit the Tube Way

The mysterious fake FuchikomaPart 3 opens with nearly everyone in the Newport Police preparing for a huge drug bust down at the harbor, leaving the Chief and his secretary alone in the office and the Tank Police in their weapons bay being told they aren't participating. Of course, at that moment, Al and Leona are out on patrol busting some would-be terrorists with a vehicle stuffed with illegal weaponry. Unfortunately for them all, a HUGE truck comes barrelling down the road and completely runs over the terrorist's van, smashing all of Leona's evidince to bits. This makes Leona absolutely furious and naturally leads to her pursuing the truck for damaging Bonaparte. Cut back to HQ and we find out this truck(owned by Dainippon Gikan, the same company from Act II) is absolutely stuffed with some high explosives, is being driven by a computer, and will take out a huge chunk of the city. Well, there goes the drug raid, all of the police, except the Tank squad, are ordered to help evacuate the city, but Brenten makes an executive decision, locking the Chief up in a closet and heading out to try stopping the truck. So how does the most destructive force of justice stop a truck carrying enough explosives to level the city? Why is this truck from the same weapons company with running amok? You'll have to watch and find out.

Act IV - The Chase

Cheating a bit here, forgot the DVD at my parents...The Puma sisters have taken advantage of an extra thick helping of Newport City's sometimes poisonous air to steal Bonaparte from under the noses of the Tank police in the early hours of the morning. When Leona arrives(late from sleeping in), she sets out with Al in search of her beloved Bonaparte. Eventually Leona finds Bonaparte's tracks, gigantic gouges left in the road when the Puma Sisters accidentally shifted it into a higher gear(and giving them a very bumpy ride). While Al and Leona track them down, the rest of the crew at the station is abuzz wondering why Specs was being questioned by the Narcotics group after a friend of his had visited the day before. It seems this guy had been working on refining an illegal drug, possibly for a larger scale operation. Back to Leona and Al who come across a flour warehouse and find the Puma sisters merrily counting their payment for stealing Bonaparte, only to get double crossed after they finish. The pair intervene because Leona can't stand to let them shoot at Bonaparte and while things get quite destructive, any shooting would cause the place to explode in a fiery inferno, making things difficult for everyone.

Act V - Conflict City

and this sequence from Act III amused me so much...Finding one plan after another being foiled, the company declares war on the Mayor and her proposed legislation banning weapons manufacturing, unleashing their super-tank on the Newport prison and freeing tons of dangerous criminals, who go on crime sprees of their own, essentially putting the entire city under seige, and culminating in an attack on the Mayor herself, with the Tank Police doing their best to protect her and the city while they continue having problems locating and stopping the freed criminals, who seemingly disappear after each incident. Eventually Bonaparte and crew get the mayor on board(and two Puma sisters bonded to the front of Bonaparte with an immobilizing agent) and must escape from the super-tank and get her to a hospital.

Act VI - End the Dreaming

that I had to share it with all of you, will fix later.In the finale, the board members of our nefarious company make a final attack on the Mayor, sending not one, but two of their super-tanks out to attack the her at the Newport hospital. By this point, the police are out in force guarding her, and manage to find the location the tanks are being controlled from. Sending Leona and Al out to deal with that, the rest of the squad prepares to fight the incoming threat. Unfortunately for everyone, it seems the signal is coming from a foreign country's Embassy, with all those messy diplomatic immunity issues. So with Leona and Al(the only ones to have taken out these tanks thus far) stuck watching the estate, the rest of the police force starts battling the tanks and defending the Mayor in a fierce firefight, dreading the moment when the tanks will try to unleash their deadly airborne explosives. How does it end? Do Leona and Al get the bad guys in the mansion? Again, you'll have to watch and see.