Currently, Masamune Shirow has three artbooks, which run under the overall title Intron Depot, and a fourth expected later in the year. To the best of my knowledge, only the first two have made it stateside, in 1992 and 1998 respectively, though I think ID3 may have been recently released here. These are an amazing set of artbooks, highlighting works from most of his drawing career through 2002. Each book runs over 100 pages, filled cover to cover with illustrations and notes(all in both Japanese and English). If you're a big fan of Shirow, you owe it to yourself to get these books as soon as all possible.

I know that both ID1 and ID2 also released as 2-disc cds, with an html navigation system, though I'm not sure if there is also one for the newly released 3rd book. Unfortunately, only ID2's CDs are cross-platform. Additionally, I know that the ID2 CDs came with a mousepad, unfortunately I don't have said mousepad as I accidentally bought a pirated copy of the cds ><


» Intron Depot 1
» Intron Depot 2 - Blades
» Intron Depot 3 - Ballistics
» Intron Depot 4 - Bullets - ad in ID3 - Game Production Art, still need to get it
» Intron Depot 5 - Yamataiko - Orion Tabletop RPG-related art (announced)
» Intron Depot 6 - Battalion - Anime and Game related art (announced)
» Waste Depot - GitS-related Anime and Game art (announced)


 » Exon Depot - a collection of Shirow's erotic works - seems this may not happen, in lieu of the collected versions of the Posterbooks that have been being published. Ah well, maybe something'll turn up on the US side.