Intron Depot 2 - Blades

Bigger, newer, and shinier, Intron Depot 2 contains many of Shirow's works from March 1992 through May 1998. In addition to being primarily fantasy-style art, most of the pieces in this book originated as independent commissions, be they single pieces or images for games and novels, and as such, we don't get to see art from any of Shirow's mangas, except for a singular Orion image, which was apparently done for a phone card.

As I mentioned, he did quite a few commissions for games, showing us many of the pieces. In the order shown in ID2, we have: Trinea, Winds of Thunder(unknown format), Asura Fantasy(Table Talk RPG), Monster Collection(Trading Card Game - seems to be part of the Mon Colle Knights universe), Cthulhu(RPG), Suraimu Siyou!(PSX), Cosmo Complete(Table Talk RPG), Yamatotakeru(Mail Talk RPG), and Shin Taimasenki(Table Talk RPG).

In addition to the games, we also have many magazine and novel commissions shown within ID2's pages. Many of these images were done for Griffon Magazine in particular, and many of them can be found in his 1998 Gemcat calendar. Not wanting to make another paragraph, the sampling below also includes some rough sketches and various 3D renders that were included in ID2.

The last thing worth mentioning, is the last part of the book, which features a series of commissioned pieces for Toshiba EMI that Shirow did, in addition to assembling a few compilations of classical music. Toshiba was doing this as part of a new series of classical releases aimed at getting the younger generation to listen to the music. The images on these pages are among the finest in the book, IMO, and if you happen to own the CDs, well, lucky you.