Leaving so soon? Oh well, I guess you can't really stay here forever, just isn't practical. Below are links to sites dealing with Shirow in one form or another. Aside from the official sites like Seishinsha and Dark Horse, whose information isn't much beyond product information, I highly recommend sTwo's, Puto's, and Asgard's sites for Shirow information. Not to toot my own horn, but those are the only Shirow sites I've come across that contain better information that mine does. The Hyperpages could be conisdered the fourth, but aside from sTwo in all of those, none have updated in at least a year, if not longer. Eventually I plan on including links to a varieto of Japanese fanart sites featuring shirow-related art, but today is not that day. Same goes for online retailers, while J-list over there helps out with paying the bills(and I certainly encourage you to help with theirs), there's any number of shops online that you can order Shirow merchandise from, some have a better selection than most, and others having access to the more obscure items, so with a bit of shopping around you can probably find the better part of what you're looking for.

Official Print sites

» Seishinsha - Japanese publishers of Shirow's works
» Studio Proteus - English translators of Shirow's work, no longer in operation.
» Dark Horse Comics - American publishers of Shirow's works
» Kodansha - Japanese publishers of yet more Shirow works

Official Animation Sites

» Production I.G. Japan - animators of GitS in all its forms
» Production I.G. - English site, not quite as in depth, but a big forum community
» SAC Japan - Bandai - Japanese publishers of GitS: SAC
» SAC US - Bandai/Manga - absolute pile of garbage, good for DVD tech specs only
» SAC Game US - Bandai - some game snippets to look at
» SAC Austrailia - Madman - damn you and your nice box!
» Innocence Japan - For those truly interested
» Innocence US - Old news, but still there
» Innocence France - damn our ugly R1 DVD art invading Europe
» Appleseed Japan - very nice movie site
» Appleseed US - nice, but less usable than Japan's


» Asgard's Shirow Page - a fantastic reference list on all things Shirow, if a couple years out of date(though that'll be changing soon)
» Otaku*Fu - Asgard's recently started forum, you'll find me hanging out here
» sTwo's Shirowledge - the best place for Shirow news and references, even beyond the mighty Asgard site, now with an English version.
» Puto's Homepage - great resource for obscure Shirow works, no longer updated
» MS Hyperpages - great site with good Neurohard info, newly revived for 2005
» The Art of Shirow - Great reference for cards and models, year or two out of date
» Project Shirow - Great Shirow site, primarily in French though, so not useful to me
» in the Shell - A site dedicated to all things Ghost in the Shell
» GitS-Fans - SAC info's a coming, and there's a forum hungry for people
» This site dedicated to Orion - umm, yeah, what it says
» - lots of great Shirow-based wallpapers
» Digital Boing - more great Shirow-based wallpapers
» Idoru Depot - an excellent German Shirow shrine
» MBB Animes - Portugese scanlations of Ghost in the Shell