Wow, okay, consider my complaint about downplaying the story that was building rescinded, the second half of the season absolutely delivers on that front, especially the last installment. The third faction gains power, Nathan starts dating again, life shits all over Toki (though it provides him with a truly epicbrutal scene), Murderface writes a song, Pickles has his old band stolen out from under him, Skwisgaar continues to score with the g-milfs, and a certain someone falls of the clean train, all culminating in a truly metal CD release party.

Way to leave me craving more you bastards, doubly so for making me wait until the fall. When it does come out though, I’m going to try and keep up with it as it airs (despite my clearly horrible track record). Also need Dethalbum II, badly. While I listen to the first one somewhat regularly, I really want to hear full versions of the second season’s stuff (including the new Duncan Hills track).

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Posted on May 24th, 2009 at 8:04 pm.
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2 Responses to “DVD-A-Day 2 – Metalocalypse Season 2 disc 2”

  1. Holkie Says:

    Well, hang on because it will kick in soon.

    The 3rd season premieres in November, the 2nd CD will be out sometime shortly before then along with a 2nd tour, possibly in October.

    Along with Dark Horse putting out a one-shot comic, The Goon Vs Dethklok on July 15th. Then, later this year, they will release a Metalocalypse comic book series.

  2. .Pi Says:

    Oh? They’ve given a better timeline for it? Good to know. Probably a good chance that they’ll come through here on tour again too, just have to hope that I’ll be able to go this time (I missed it last year, but managed to catch the ’07 tour).