Jaime's completely smitten by Huntress and swoons over her every word

Oh Batman: The Brave and the Bold, how I love you. This show is entirely camp, revels in it, and is all the better for it. Sadly, I’ve been without new episodes for over a month now, but it has just come back from its hiatus and in fine form. In fact, this may be my favorite episode yet (though it faces stiff competition from The Atom and Aquaman’s adventures inside Batman in Journey to the Center of the Bat).

Black Canary sweeps Solomon Grundy off his feet

Batman and Black Canary have some fun at poor Solomon Grundy’s expense in the cold open, Jaime(Blue Beetle) come to Gotham to check out colleges because of all the supervillain babes (“everyone knows bad girls are the hottest”) the outstanding criminal justice program, Jaime goes gaga over super sexy Huntress while helping Batman take down Babyface and his crew of circus freaks(Ms. Manface- wow, just wow), and we get the line “The Hammer of Justice is unisex*” out of the Deidrich Bader-voiced Batman. Oh, and did I mention the Batmobile transforms into a giant fucking robot!? With Rocket Fists!?

Batman reporting for duty to Team Gurren

Next week looks to be outstanding as well, a cold open with the R. Lee Ermey-voiced Wildcat helping Batman take down an escaped Bane, and then hijinks with the ever-goofy Booster Gold.

* I wonder what Captain Hammer has to say about that?

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